Chantraine Dance

Chantraine Dance in brief:

• for the harmony and development of the whole person

• dance as an unlimited expressive art for everyone, whatever their age or gifts

• classes for each age group (from 4 years)

• inclusive and welcoming; positive and encouraging

• challenging without being competitive or judgemental; no exams

• inspiring a great love of learning and of artistry

• including many other dance styles

• dancing with many different kinds of music

Chantraine dance goes far beyond words and photos – come and try it for yourself, in a class or workshop!

The Chantraine Manifesto

“Everything in the world is movement. As we take part individually in this universal rhythm, we need to feel it, to receive it. Dance is nourished by the pulses of life. Expression of life, it has to discover life’s true riches. Knowing how to listen, how to understand, it will know how to express and discover in its turn. Then dance is life, it is élan.

Élan of the spirit as well as of the body. From their perfect understanding is born beauty of movement, of gesture – that movement through which an intention flows. But movement only attains its truth if it really springs from the depths of the being. To dance, yes, to dance the Dance, the dance of the dynamic of the World. To dance Joy.”

– Alain Chantraine (1958)

An International School

Chantraine Dance was established in France in 1958, and there are centres in Paris and Neuilly as well as in Amiens, Brussels, Lille, Orleans, Nancy and Tours. Chantraine was established in NW London in 1978, in Wanstead in 1990, High Wycombe 1991 and Amersham in 2015.

Chantraine Dance in Wanstead

Regular after-school classes are held in Wanstead, E11, for all ages and all levels – children from 4 years, teenagers, adults without age limit.

Address: Christchurch Hall, Wanstead Place, London E11 2SW

Christchurch Hall

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